DON’T Extract – Another rant AGAINST RELIGION ( beware ) …

I’m just now listening to “Dear God” by the ROOTS lyrics by Black Thought – respectfully. There’s this line where BT questions god – why are things so ugly when you made them in your image – I’m paraphrasing. At the same time I’m doing a pre work ( plantation ) workout which I had to cut short to scribe this. As if I had just blasted a 12 gauge – I want the next sentence to resound with as much force in a theater of people watching “leprechaun in the hood” PART wgaf …
“ We know very little about what were taking about- about god !!!
Firstly the tale of a all seeing eye is straight bullsh*t – suitable for children under the aegis of innocence where fairytales thrive. The all seeing eye is the guilt implanted at a early age as a remote control. They speak of drones, nigga ( had to ) – the ones on land are even more a nescience. IN keeping with things flying around and being thought of as everywhere – here I mean god. Then why a need for churches IF god is everywhere – no pressure don’t answer. We take bits and pieces and form our understanding of god usually by way of others who have impacted upon us. This is a deadly mistake leading to a life of misery and unfulfillment. What honestly ask yourself would compel a man to become a beggar – above all else self sabotage. These concepts are engrained from extracted knowledge – parts – and very scant at that. Boy I tell ya – its not that I want to wrote on such ish I just got to . SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 27, 2013.

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