mating dance

All is fair – she got it
Yo I got punched in the heart by a chic yo painful it was but in a good way . She asked me to do her a favor and she would love me forever. I say let me think – do I want her to love me forever ? Then she says Tory your so mean then she said she meant only as a friend and that I WISH she loved me forever – DAM! And she didn’t pause a sec line for line… I was about to say something back but my expression betrayed me lol I was hit. I know why she was frustrated because she wants me to ask her out but I am trying to do her before we do a date if possible . I had someone else take care of what she wanted done point being I got it done but it wasn’t me who did it nigga ! I like her a lot she bout it. Life is too f*ing short to fake moves I said all this weekend we should be vibing but this we call the mating dance no pressure.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 30, 2013.

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