no pressure…

I accept the consequences for being a BEAST “alive”
II ( 2 X today people want to play chicken while I a “regular” pedestrian cross the street. Am I regular as a black man hell no I’m different to quote the “rapper” 2 chains ( reluctantly lol ) . I gives a F-Yo as I embrace the consequences of not being a sheep but a LION. God did not make us to be cowards afraid to move with passion – LIFE. More and more I see game. Matter-a-fact I was headed downtown but doubled back to write mad sh*t was ignited today and you know the rule don’t ever ever postpone vibes they never wait. It makes one who is in tune realize that its not even them but receptivity to transmissions of energy they were able to download. That’s why the wise stay tuned aware and alert with the psychic antennae to harvest them waves precisely. I F*ing see clearly how the work environment is a means to destroy me. I see how people who usually would never try me use the context of the plantation to get at me in a cowardly way. I see how also the context of the workplace is used to destroy your identity and reduce you to a F*ing employee servant peasant SLAVE ! Had someone of Thursday at work ask me who was my boss – I said I’m my boss I’m free – sarcastically but I got the presupposition of the statement right. My answer was F you I’m not fated to this lot – that got that. Particularly as a black man – give you a prime example on Thursday my coworker blasts into the office snapping about a rude lady he had to deal with and everyone was consolatory AF . Had that been me talking about this pale white lady ( as he described ) who was rude I would haven’t got the same pity. But you know what I accept the consequences of being a LION not a sheep and the issue is being addressed in the meanwhile I use it as fodder. Everything is favorable I tell you – in the end you would not have wished it any other way this is life as a beast as a god there I said it . SALUTE ! - ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 30, 2013.

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