Todays AM run …
I woke up at 4 30 AM was on the block at about 5 AM ready to pay tithes – metaphorically speaking – religiously I’m there 6 days of the week its now part of who I have become 3.5 mile run before the sun comes. Todays run EPIC it was so epic it was scary because I have never ran that easily. At one point when thoughts appeared to me I thought I can run forever at this very fast pace there was no sign of break down of fatigue whatsoever. I was flying and feeding my lunges air at a steady rhythm and my feet were landing light on the earth to the extent that I almost felt not there – like I said scary. MY arms were in motion like I was emceeing in the cipher spitting the illest rhymes – I am a F*ing beast I love this sh*t god knows I wish everyone could experience the heights. On yesterday I’m at the Marshalls near my house getting that marked down health food I got some Himalayan salt and tea for the low. The stuff is powerful has over 83 minerals where it was formed in the mountains for millions of years I soak in that sh*t for like an hour. When you go hard you should be keen on recovery don’t be an ascetic – not necessary. Anyway this fly sista at the Marshalls asks me if I’m the dude that runs real early in the morning. I say nope jokingly then I say yeah that’s me. Its amazing because its pitch black out at the time and I’m dam near pitch black my dam self plus I am huddied up ninja stile – how they still recognize – amazing. Activate the beast – that is all. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 30, 2013.

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