wizzards of oz …

OK this Alpha Male bullsh*t
I’m thinking – in a F*ed up society where certain men aren’t accepted based on racism how can those men who have it easy because of this be called Alphas. It’s easy to assert yourself as dominant where the climate is favorable. All it really mean is you’re a B*tch being levied against another race of men. To me power is not showy – any one “putting down” is inferior to the silent killer. Like I said context – we live in a f*ed up society where groups fight for dumb sh*t against one another and it wont change as psychologically the maturity of the average person is that of a 7 year old. Still wanting attention and getting mad when things don’t go our way. So the alpha in this medium epitomizes the king of the sand castle bullsh*t we see. I’m really not sold – call it denial but I look at the sum total of actions. And because you have the blessing of the crown does not make you divinely sanctioned by god as ruler – that’s all. SALUTE
_ ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 31, 2013.

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