Quote by Osho from his book “the tantra experience evolution through love”

Quote by Osho from his book “the tantra experience evolution through love”

  “So Tantra says those who are still uncivilized, uneducated, uncultured are more alive, they have more vitality, and that’s the observation of the modern psychologists too. A Negro is more vital than the American – that is the fear of the American. The American is very afraid of the Negro. The fear is that the American has become very plastic, and the Negro is still vital, still down-to-earth.

  The conflict between the Blacks and the Whites in America is not really the conflict between black and white, it is the conflict between the plastic and the real, and the American, the white man, is very afraid. Basically he is afraid that, if the Negro is allowed, he will lose his woman, the white American will lose his woman. The Negro is more vital, sexually more vital, more alive; his energy is still wild. And that is one of the greatest fears of civilized people: to lose their women. They know that if more vital persons are available, they will not be able to hold their women.
  Tantra says in the world of those who are still primitive, there is a possibility of starting to grow. You have grown in a wrong direction; they have not grown yet, they can still choose a right direction, they have more potential They don’t have anything to undo, they can proceed directly”

End quote
Now to unpack the above . First learn who Osho was then come back.Learn why the U.S Gov assasinated the god then come back . Learn of his experience in the U.S. prisons and his suprise at how many “Negros” were there for the most petty of things OK . Now – on to the word primitive – it may have raised some eyebrows that’s ok I get it. But don’t forget that being civilized is a few cycles away from being a robot too. Those stuck on the word primitive can fall back – you have missed – for all the rest check this …
Don’t you see brothers – what it all boils down to is a epic cock block the white man is the biggest cock blocker in the world – end of story. These are not my words – this is not nationalist rhetoric but the divine insight of an enlightened master – the most qualified to speak PERIOD. Remember this sh*t when you encounter resistance – we offend they’re ego – remedy yourself white boy stop being so fake and maybe things will change for you ok ? SALUTE

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 10, 2013.

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