being primative …

Ok being “primitive” whats the matter then ? Well since it has a negative history with black americans the term is loaded – well its dam hard to use the english language without its explosiveness it is a very primitive language after all . Whereas other languages are more poetic and dare I say it- “spiritual” ( must I offer examples? – NO : THANKS ) . Being primitive as in down-to-earth is a F*ing blessing. In todays world of 48 Laws of Power and 33 strategies of war and now the newest book “Mastery” from the author Robert Greene all EPIC studies of fake-ness – of being a fake F*** – it is today’s ETHOS . I recently found out that Niccolò Machiavelli died a poor man because even kings who he was trying to council were unwilling to trust such a calculating character into they’re court. Ironically now the book of his “THE PRINCE” is like the bible for politicians. Being primitive as in keeping it 100 is why I can’t be a slave – a civilized lion is only fit for the traveling circus – DEGRADATION. So reconsider tapping into your primitiveness – but how to unpack that statement. Its an emotion rather than a rationale – its being the watcher rather than the doer. Here’s where the spiritual aspect appears. The calculator cannot meditate because the external world is more powerful than the inner kingdom. He must act on the world outside to find happiness within which is impossible. One can master the inner and outer-world without being a FAKE F*CK is all I am saying. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 10, 2013.

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