LWH – My way …

Lone wolf hunter. Getting my type of girl.
I Part from the flock – case out a corner where I  can see through cover and block the periphery . So she can only get eye contact from the direction I am facing (sparking her curiosity no doubt ) . I am preferably at lower level like I’m in a burrow with my field of vision – something tells me its more inviting  than if I were at the same level . Then I notice them appearing like magic or nature ?  These are not the chics who like loud showy dudes obviously because I am in the cut not trying to be noticed. These are my idea of the cream of the crop. Now if a chic aggressively enters the kill zone like shes going to eat me I disqualify her ASAP but if I see a chic sit across from me with her body language pointing at me its on. My point is there’s no need to be loud and showy man just chill in the cut – it works for me . SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 22, 2013.

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