Tv …

Infused with light – like a drone plane  aimed at the  target they are. The television like candy for those in need of the sweet nectar   – the TV awaits – how ever do they manage apart. No more need to experience first hand – one simply looks on.  I shouldn’t say idly ether  as the bright hues in HD drown the world and are devoured with the same force of a black hole swallowing up starts  . Candy from the eyes – but first light culminating – becoming acidic. Yes acidic light – why not stare at the  sun directly at  noon. And for 5 hours transfixed on a whole – man… Ha the joke of being sane if it was so –  my friends think of your perceived “differentness” as providential.  Evidence of mind in the purest sense – mindfulness / awareness.  Can one do anything other that watch TV if THAT  invested? Obviously we manage but so far as life energy goes – all else becomes peripheral. A peripheral life we manage while away from the box.  Better to be aloof from the screen. To have a consciousness apart from the collective that way the force of mass sway is lessened. Don’t be on the same page as the mass they are being harvested and sold. The networks promise so many viewers to advertisers and so on – we all know this. Only that which is most expedient gets aired  – call it the TV bonsai effect. Ancient trees whose roots are cut stifling its growth .  Similarly the tv is a box-in device to be limited wherever given a choice. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 22, 2013.

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