Warrior …

No one ever told me I was “a warrior” no need especally me – better to keep the lid on. I say no worries – the fact is I am. I know this because as I learn about enlightened mastered and how they were willing to be murdered without defending themselves I become angry. Why allow for it – why surrender to cowards it almost unimaginable and I struggle to accept it. I know death controls us and they are manifesting the eternal by it  I KNOW. Being willing to forgo the body or shell I haven’t crossed that sh*t as yet. I will F* up any one who comes against me or mine” ( and yes I use the word “mine” poeticly as none owns anyone  – touch.) I reference the past before my conditioning – to that fact I look back I at how protective I was am of my sister and mom was. In school everone knew I would black-out if they bothered my sister in the least and my mom from what I remember it was the same- I would fight grown men no pressure. She was killed – my mom  by accident as she jumped in front of a bullet to save her older brother having a fight with his dad my granddad when I was like 5-6 I was there obviously they carrier me off I wish they hadn’t but oh well. Anyway I have always been a warrior as I see more vividly these days. And yes I forgave him ( my grandad ) . I shared some parts of this story with a coworker who would later be revealed as a two faced sociopath  this  I learned and is now still the case in real time. Its his weed habit that causes him to be a back stabber I am certain of it but besides that dude is kool. He said it probably scard me psychologically about my mom that was just some bullsh*t to say to box-me-in – see what I get from being too open with people. But more on this – yesterday I worked for a contractor cool dude cuban american I know through my cousin. He for some reason always wants to help brothers as in blacks he would use them on construction jobs rather than mexicans and the like – you know people like that too i’m certain  they see how society concretely boxes us out ( no conspiracy dude )  . Anyway the other dude I had to work with was b*tch made. I knew right away this nigga is a hater. We went to unload the machine you use to level the ground inside a trench and dude started b*tching about how I was making the work harder the way I was off loading it. I thought here we go then right on cue he commented that I was strong had muscles in a condescending way. Even if your swole you have to use your intellect I said. You know when a nigga gives props the insults will soon follow.  The statement goes they build you up to tare you down but I refuse to be gassed up by these suspect b*tches ( pardon ) . Later on it was a time where the cuban dude asked me to do something that required a lot of effort and the other dude jumped in and did it and commented that i was playing with it  see earlier I was using brute strength wrongly but of course here was the chance to get one-upsmanship – you really have to see these characters from a mile a way  . I said dude were a team i’m not trying to compete with you. From the start dude was trying to box-me-in like I was a underling I challenged it outright every time. I was ready to smash his face in if he went to psychical tactics he kind of saw that and fell back. I wont work with that fool again because I know I am going to try to kill dude if he gets in my face end of story. Please be aware of the box-in  – thast where someone trys to psychologically place you in a bind where they can steer you with intermittent positive or negative reinforcements. This whole society is a box-in be mindful my kin. The warrior rebels the caged lion. I traverse the perimeters on the game intermix then disappear when the group goes for the box-in. Funny how peer pressure is no longer considered once you reach adulthood like it vanishes. I suspect it is because it has become so ubiquitous it would be stupid to consider it – as it has become a fact of life – or better a fact of psychological enslavement. BE dam if I let these sheep steal my thunder for one second my kin  conversely . SALUTE
– ST  

~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 22, 2013.

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