Seing sh*t

My comrade in the battle for supremacy asks – do you think everyone is against you. I respond – that questions presupposes it’s a possibility why do you ask it ? He had no response – but it was prompted because we were chopping it up on campus and like always some dude handcuff they chics when we pass. I was just acknowledging the sh*t as comical – these are young kats – and they don’t know it signals insecurity to her and makes them appear b*tch made and make us superior more alpha. But to the question he posed. Is everyone against me – not for or against but its not to be taken lightly how easy friends can become foes nothing to be paranoid about but human relations are very frail. And since competitiveness exists even amongst friends the simply fact is everyone wont “win” in the game of life as agreed upon by friends . A castle the dime piece the Ferrari or for me the Porsche 911 turbo – so bitterness can follow then inimical regards – a thin line. I do notice that my observations are seen as a form of victimacy . What do I mean – well victimacy is the tendency to see some righteousness in coping with hateration . Please be mindful when you point out things especially to friends as they may use the opening to take a dig. Obviously by them being a friend a certain deference is there but just be mindful that its not a given. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 24, 2013.

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