Its funny – not really funny but kind of interesting when new hires ask me how long I been on the plantation Subtext being why aren’t you “fulltime” yet ( isnt that the goal of work right? ) . The obvious answer is you must not be doing a good job. But then when we work together they see it must be something else- plantation politics. I let them figure it on themselves rather than go on sounding like a victim. How do you explain that you resist the force of being manipulated in a group setting without sounding like an agitator. I was told flat out that you had to play the game I lost all drive to play it though. SO in a sense i’m F*ed because others can and will – but I need money and haven’t found a way out of the rat race as yet. Or rather haven’t implemented one successfully as yet. Its like look man I just want my chips i’m not trying to cause no trouble. Sometimes we take it wrong when you don’t value what they do – so far as the workplace goes. Characters with 2 and 3 faces even more – you don’t know how to see these folks man. But its obvious to a certain extent they stay quite on certain things – job related. Which means on a certain level there is shadiness afoot – but isn’t that expected its is the plantation after all.

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 8, 2013.

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