More power – all seek it…

What does it mean( ? )  – at some point when your beasting  you are producing more energy than all around you. Is that why people take note – is energy contagious. People are doing things to have more of it . There is a burgeoning market for elixirs who report to boost energy at all turns. So to me action in expression of energy is the ultimate in life. Not necessarily physical action. Through all means energy. SALUTE


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 16, 2013.

One Response to “More power – all seek it…”

  1. There is a Hindu Story about seeking the Elixir of life. They believed that the Elixir laid at the bottom of the ocean so the God Vishnu turned himself into a turtle and went to the bottom and another god sat on top of the turtle and formed itself into a mountain that peaked out to the surface. together they churned up the ocean which created Foam, This Ocean Foam was beleived to have The Elixir of life….Peace Hey ST whats up? check out my sound cloud page sometime…

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