Energy war

energy “wars”

Keen on body language and often too keen I have resolved to war. Now the posturing I wont ignore. Quick example : Some dude moves with aggression towards me to feign boldness to a  chic or his boys . I use to be humored and make space for these fools to pass but why ? I have done nothing wrong – people whos egos get offended by your energy should suffer, good.  Now if they want to play these childish games of king of the sand castle I say rock on – lets go . Energy wars all day , my ni$$a Osho was right – the more alive we are the more dangers. That is why 99.9 % stay in a seed form – Like a seed we have potential and a seed can become a giant oak or remain dormant. But after it is planted it is subject to the elements the insects the birds the winds all these things make it preferable to most to remain shelled. Being born does not make you alive – technically in a vegetative state on life support it can be said that your alive.   I know too much fuck that shit ( pardon the boldness ) . Be in the world but not of it – master this shit is the only way why cower your power. All is energy and since I have resolved not to derive energy from others stealing they’re vibes. You see it as most do this – they get a boost when they deflate the ones with higher energy. I see it all the time they thrive on the energy from others me I get my energy from nature. This is why above all else I study nutrition. I do not wish to live off the lives of others who I have drained I know that shit is wrong and f*ing anti life. Life is superior to anything you can name as since this is so I rock with energy – I live to power up so should you . SALUTE !
– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 26, 2013.

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