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Core project
You can say it’s because I’m in shape but is it that or vibes I say vibes. Whenever a chic stares at me for an “audition” I core project. My ni$$a Osho said that after someone stares over 3 seconds it is intrusive I concur  . I core project for everything if I could remember to core project always I would seriously rule. I like how chics who become intrigued by you make you audition by entering your personal space. This forces you to respond and serves to reveal something about your “persona”. Quick one – today at publix on the beach 3 sistas were together I knew they would force me into an audition ( fun ) if I was going to be around them –I would have to be entertainment yay – so I went to get something else and hopefully when I got back they would have left . I’m a fan of the publix fresh market its definitely on par with wholefoods healthwise imo – at least that specific publix on the beach. They could read that I was going to get something from there and they posted up ( stuck around ) lol. I walked around the other way to fake them out like I didn’t see anything there to eat – this would prompt  them to move and save me an audition . They did move – WIN – but … Right down the same isle I was headed up. Then suddenly they stopped and started a in-depth conversation as I approached simultaneously blocking my way pass in the isle lol ( you cant make this stuff  up fam ) . Then suddenly none of them see me trying to pass but at the same time they are looking at me on the sly ( I’m auditioning at that point folks) . Then one of them says oooooh are we blocking your way – I say “my bad” and walk pass. I hate that feeling of being made to perform – my attitude is BISH  I’m the prize I’m the lion amongst the sheeple – the cowardly  masses, so recognize – that’s why you were compelled in the first place.   The game is my religion and I aint mad just if I don’t want to I just don’t want to audition / campaign. I like when I feel a primal urge for a chic not just because she has a vagina but energetically then its on – vibes over everything. Anyway I didn’t core project in that instance, but the day before headed down I did – I was on the metro  with a group of festive folks headed to the beach of course. There were 4 French girls- tourists on the bus of mostly Hispanics and Blacks and they stood up in the front of the bus the whole way. Back in the day my boy we called “40” had a boy who kicked it with us on a few occasions – he would post up at the beach and chics would just keep approaching him and we thought it was magic. We would stare at chics show interest the best we could but he seemingly just posted on the corner and chics would continually campaign. I said that because on the bus all the French girls were staring at me and all the thirsty dudes kept looking back to see what they were looking at as I’m sure the were doing theyre best to campaign for attention . Osho said that love is a game – that was the final piece of the puzzle for me. When asked how can you really know if the person you loved really loves you back or what. He said there is no way to know its just a game – Yes he said GAME. So people stuck on the aspect of game play should maybe reconsider that extremist stance. Rather than say I’m tired of playing games – resolve to master the game your be better for it – happier too !  Osho also said it doesn’t matter about the other just you be true come what may. So the thirst dudes try to cock block as they see these chics are open . Duh its like 9 PM they in downtown Miami headed to the beach in the hoodest of hoods. I was only core projecting the finest chic  who happened to be the group leader and that caused the other chics to see who was making her so hot and bothered. She started acting out we know the signs .  When she stared at me I scorched her and she folded I core projected her and then I started to ignore her the whole trip sparking intrigue – thats what caused all of her friends to join in I simply made like nothing had happened – I wasn’t going to spit on the bus as entertainment but if I could have got her by herself I would have. So this dusty ni$$a starts chopping it up with one of them being all over thirsty it was ridiculous obviously no rap – I was embarrassed at the display . Its amazing that most cats just cant see the subtle levels of communication – they were being all literal about what was happening probably thought it was because I am “swole” ( nope ). You want to know how to core project by now –  its simple. Focus your attention allllll of your attention to the hara – your  stomach – the  naval to be specific. Focus all your energy there – then imagine that your looking through your stomach not your eyes and picture your being the most powerful MF in the galaxy  while looking out. This will survey duel  purposes. It will nullify all energy being projected at you and project your life energy where you wish it. Think Ryu’s Hadouken attack in street fighter . Just like most are oblivious to the matrix. So too we remain blind to energy techniques. Most people shrink a little in the presence of a dominant person and even more before the more alive. And  since woman are more feeling and intuitive she will immediately be struck if you burn her with the fire . We are always every second communicating something why not – emit pure swelter. Moth to a flame babe moth to a flame . SALUTE !


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 28, 2013.

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