White lady and daughter( game recognized ) …

daughter ( game recognized ) …

Today I’m posted up at the metro rail station . The usual ensues – then white lady and daughter pass by I know already. Anyway they pass by again and stand right in front of me – like dead in front of me. I look around and yes all eyes of people are pointed like a arrow at me – what did I do wrong I might have thought if I didn’t know any better  – hateration & observation its all the same . Then the mom gestures me to remove earbuds I play along. Shes all perplexed as to which train to catch as they were both running on the same line south and north bound – I should have said BISH do I look like the information booth to you  j/k lol. I let her know about the construction being done and why they are sharing the same lane – but that wasn’t it they stuck around. But wait – seeing white woman talking to black dude a “brotha”seeing the interaction tries to cock block me he  steps to the mom and asks her something and I was looking at the most obvious lame spittin’ – he was trying to beg his way in – she was like that guy ( meaning me )  just told us – this that and that . Which was a clear diss to buddy shes making it obvious who was more interesting to her? Buddy had a dumb look on his grill like he had been in a taxicab and got out on the wrong planet foreal .
Anyway they came back over and shes telling me how her and her daughter were out shopping down town I wasn’t going to do anything to move the game along – they stepped to me. I said they were adventurous and she said something about how wild it was during the music festival Ultra and I said how random people would ask you for water because they were poppin them mollys THEN  daughter laughs uncontrollably – it was kind of weird because she was mostly quite the whole time .  Anyway her daughter was about 22-23 she was a 7 and  basically being offered to me. Ive had that happen before in England this dude told me “his sister was cool”. He went out of his way to introduce us then one thing lead to the next . But at this point they were trying to make me work but in my mind I’m like yall stepped to me now bust it open lol . Then again they walked away for a sec “GAME” now they want to do a takeaway to make me try to invest NOT  I rightly  put my earphones back on so when they came back over seeing I put my music back on they waved and kept it moving EPIC FAIL –  I’m Morpheus to the game . Now if she wanted to talk after that it would have been too obvious it was about more than “train schedual”, they tried – game recognized. No woman initiates a conversation for nothing. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 28, 2013.

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