CORE IS EVERYTHING ( I share strength and vitality techniques ) …

CORE IS EVERYTHING ( I share strength and vitality techniques ) …
So many ancient teaching on the energy center of the body I rarely if ever elucidate beyond introductory notes because well – there’s google. And frankly I am not versed in a way expected for teaching. Which leads to another point – I am no authority if anything I report back only with I’ve discovered myself  . It has been my experience that if you  need to be thoroughly convinced of something before at least seeking it out initially – it isn’t worth my energy I bid them adieu . Think of me as the movie trailer – CORE IS EVERYTHING ( not yet rated ) . I feel as humans as energetic beings as animals what ever you will a focus on core in relation to strength and vitality is “central” ha ! Why did god see fit to link us there to our moms ? Can energy come from there and be dispersed throughout the entireeeeeeeeeeeee… body system obviously YES but to what extent. Anyone concerned with energy is inadvertently going to lead to core. I can tell you, when your digestive system is humming – with minimal reserved fat at the waist an almost negligible amount your core responds. We can breathe as we focus attention at the core and unleash explosive force. Now I see why in karate movies they behaved that way it wasn’t all just theatrics. I said focus but only because words fail – we should be at the center ( no thinking ) . You ever notice when your find yourself most out of sorts your allowing visual stimuli to reign supreme totally over you. Your being a total reactionary at those times we should become aware and withdraw the attention and tension from our eyes and place it at the core. Think if it – were being cued  by the outside world getting  thrown to and fro and not being at the center where it all began – ERROR. CORE IS EVERYTHING. Now with these anecdotes I have introduced to you the concept of core as I see. SALUTE !
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 1, 2013.

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