Sounds an ancient cliché – touché ni$$a 1 point 4 the wit … But “real spit” ( seriously )   why have  others indebted to us in any way .  And furthermore isn’t it so, that a sense of expectation / a repellant to you who value sovereignty above all else. I know I hate it when “people” say you don’t do this or that presupposing all my actions are terminally scripted – THANKS . WHAT ( ? )  your eating THAT ( unhealthy )  ( shame-shame ) and remember, this from “friends”. Sure its in fun – right ? Since its friends – pursuant to how you play  it. What I usually counter with “shame-game” ( being the amusement ) is  – oh yeah I  no longer give a sh*t about what I eat  – I say it half convincingly to get that shocked reaction paired with them blinking knowgly as they register my sarcasm – subtext being don’t box-me-in yo – I’m Bruce Lee with the verbal kung fu  fooolz.
So, “Friends” are expected to be friendly and  inimical in regards to our “ enemies”. I have no such expectations for anyone – I rather enjoy extending complete liberty to others not so much  in words rather  in acceptance. I have delved into the dynamics of would be enemies and found it to be quite simple functionally. You would prepare for such insight as if it were  an  EPIC hike up  Everest but it was more akin to discovering why your panic attack was  ill advised as the  pricey specs  you LOST  earlier are indeed being rocked by someone – YOU. “ENEMIES” have a perception of who you are contrarily. Friends too – they  have a perception of you – but its congenial. Both are acting on a sense about you but never you – what can be done. EXACTLT – here’s why it happens that “friends” beef as if  they were enemies at  bird’s-eye.  And why people who simply hate each other can be cordial on top (superficially)  .  No friends no enemies – I accept people as we are, flawed, works in progress – so be it – ile  continue to be the  dynamo-beast   !SALUTE
– ST

But don’t be so sure – say your boy puts you on to game about your lady being a little too complementary. Now is it a a con to spark a riff enabling your boy to slide on ole girl ? OR is what

~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 1, 2013.

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