Dealing with others …

– Dealing with others …
– Do not mimic reflection – rather condense motion to the most dynamic flow ( not necessarily physically ) . Be loose and center your energy at the core away from the senses. Withdraw the senses altogether and feel the core expand until “you” disappear.

– Breakdown – I will break down crudely what is meant by the above – I had to write it that way because that’s how it was unfolded to me – if I had attempted to write it in a watered down version it would have been forever lost – above is the raw uncut and now I will “attempt” to decipher it ATTEMPT. But rememeber words like REFLECTION and MIMIC used here don’t necessarly adhere to usual meanings context is everything – you know um on my zen sh*t.

– When I say do not ”mimic reflection” I mean for example – your interacting with someone and they respond to you and usually you will “react” to that response or “reflection” ( do not ! ) For example you say something to someone and they react emotionally usually we mirror the emotion or react to it depending on how it made us feel – do not – unless equals . Your walking and someone up ahead of you starts to mimic your demeanor and your like WTF is this – what usually happens next is your start to exaggerate your movements even more ( contrived where before natural ) – rather than do this – condense your motion even more THAT’S MASTERY. Remember its lions among sheep in the world. And the sheep become offended easily by strength being unconsciously displayed. They mimic you pretending not to be a sheep themselves and trying to bring sheepishness out of you ( make sense – good ) . SALUTE !
– – ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 19, 2013.

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