Expanding knowledge technique ( opening the treasure chest ) …

The knowledge we’ve gained over the years has served us well and all, yet new things are always to be added or appended – right? So what usually happens is we link new things to old things rather than create brand new folders if you will. I think at a certain point subconsciously we conclude we know enough and forever block new discovery from taking whole. Since in so many respect we are what we think as thoughts precede actions and truly we are smug with regards to reinvention of who we are – right? The generally accepted scientific finds suggesting that brain growth diminishes with age but we all know time is “relative” right ? No new learning becomes the mantra summed up to self-satisfaction. Remember this when something new crosses your path – do not simply append it as “other” with varied accumulated knowledge. The word newfangled means something newly developed and unfamiliar but in a ugly sense. Suggesting nothing new under the sun. But just because there’s nothing new doesn’t mean we even know a fraction of what is old now does it ? SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 19, 2013.

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