Workplace psych-ops – BY AQUANAUT ST ( share this ) …

I’m going to write about the plantation – I will share insights that continue to aid in on the one hand, lessoning the depreciating effects of “group-think” ( EPIC ) and on the other, aid in the preservation of energy so that I am able to continue the rest of my day ( post plantation ) enthusiactally, untaxed by the psychological side effects of group-think. It’s important because I need vital energy to carry out that which will inevitably lead to my escape from 9 to 5 puppet-dom. Today’s theory class is “familiar depreciating terms”. These are commonly used in a group recklessly , but most of all with intent. In our group the terms “remember” and “your right” are often used to spite other “group members”.

“REMEMBER” we have this or that project to complete. Translation – you DIDN’T remember – your memory is sh*t and I am here to remind you – I’m superior to you as a person ( basically LOL ) .

“YOUR RIGHT” – there were 2 rather than 3 paper clips on the desk ( I’m exaggerating the scenario on purpose to bring to fore the pettiness upon which this attacks is usually lunged ) . Translation – even though your usually WRONG this one time you just so happen to be right – surprisingly.

The careerist ( or pretend careerist ) parlays the “efficiency game” to degrade others. My counter is RATHER than to fall-in-line and play the accepted game of one-upmanship with tacit consent, that is “catchin’ a co-worker slippin’ ” and talking down to them ( very professional and mature right ? ) . I replace the leveling phrases with more “humane” rhetoric.

SO rather than say “REMEMBER” I use “bare in mind” or “we both know “ and rather than say YOUR RIGHT – I use TRUE or “agreed”, said on a positive note. Now strrrrannnnngggellllyyyyyy enough this can be called insubordinate behavior because the way things are structured ensures a certain checks and balanced so far as group pecking order goes.

It’s a breaking of psychological rank to address it head on. The paradigm being – behavior is controlled by consequence – typical manipulative sh*t you know. And I know if no one else knows that in my case “the boss” wants to foment some competition within the group beneath it all – it’s a strategy to stay in charge at all times (divide and concur ) . I’m not exaggerating – last group meeting “the boss” said if your not happy here you have some serious soul searching to do as to why you haven’t left. I won’t unpack all that – but to me it was “congruent” with the statement I made about “perceived” insubordinate behavior. YO WTF, I just think that healthy people don’t get off on downing folks and I refuse to partake – venal MF’s ! – so careerist ( or psychopaths ) should be content they chose a path and are sticking to it, or are stuck with it – who gives a flying F***. But they aren’t – they get offended by your perceived disinterest in plantation commonalities – they want to talk about “family sh*t”. I say it like this – some folks will whore-out they’re family life for favor ( days off / job security because of “perceived” dependability via progeny ) its so contrived i.e. FAKE, you think you were hearing retold Brady Bunch ( google ) episodes from yore EVERY F*DAY – no thanks. So class,I trust that this information has been of use, and most of all fellowshipping. SALUTE !
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 20, 2013.

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