GOLD ( non reflecting )

GOLD ( non reflecting )
This isn’t not taking no for an answer its – not reflecting the implicit non verbal no.
I was a witness to non reflecting – I had to soak up good game. Perusing ( in the vernacular ) the campus and a lady with her kid starts flagging us down and says she needs a ride to her car. Now usually when you say “sorry ma’am wish we could” that’s it. But she was not satisfied – we were nearly 20 yards ahead of her walking by now and she continued talking to us so we stopped as it would have been retarded to just keep on going – she created a vacuum. She said she was parked somewhere and didn’t know where and went on to repeat what harm was it to give her a lift , in so many words . My folk explained to her that we could be fired and all that jazz  but she would not concede defeat – then I see public safety ( luckily ) passing through – I call them over from afar and we say to her they will help her . But she still held us down until it was for sure that PS  was indeed headed over and   we weren’t just blowing her off. A straight-up OG Mama . She didn’t pay attention to our body language saying “no” clearly and her reality was definitely stronger in that respect  – she needed to get to her car and it was a simply solution to it – us. You see folks most people are on autopilot and will repeat scripted behaviors mindlessly. And since everyone kind of agrees to this – procedural way of existence we relinquish the moment. Alright the context – at work on the plantation / rules do apply, given – but I’m chipping away at a larger point I think. Certain experiences for a moment snap us back into reality and cause us to be authentic. Sure technically we couldn’t help her but we found someone who could give them a lift – proper.  Not happenstance – I don’t know what the untrained eye would have called it – maybe a crazy lady. But we saw it as non reflecting off other peoples response to you and molding reality as you see fit. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 21, 2013.

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