I feel “WHITE” in the wake of MIAMI HEAT WIN

Its not just me – other black dudes here in the 305 have also peeped “game”. It feels like the invisible invincible toxin called racism has finally been forever destroyed thanks to King James D. Wade and the squad ( I exaggerate I know ) . Hispanics and Whites have been “very nice” especially since Thursday. I went about my day normally and suddenly it was blatantly apparent something was up. Why am I being treated like a normal person – and not the usual of what passes for the norm . The looks of respect where before there was in some cases a underlying quality of aggression and tension . Its as if people were waiting on me to gloat when we interacted. Then it dawned on me – the HEAT won the NBA finals. It’s a bitter sweet situation I guess if you care – I don’t, because everyone should be treated with respect regardless – again, not that I give a sh*t – RESPECT YOURSELF ( in the interest of full disclosure ) . So when you psychologically reverse engineer it, what’s revealed is how biased things are ( surprise ) . So while on one side you can have you ego stroked by the transient respect given thanks to the “super human” black athletes. It still strikes me as tensile behavior – right ? And then to get a few days of respect you basically have to land on the moon – I am suspicious of this type of “homage” owing to epic – solar eclipse feats in proportion – no thanks. You may call bullsh*t and write it off as just a city being festive ok fine I won’t argue with you there. But your full of sh*t – just know that, no offence tho. The white and Hispanic woman are behaving like sistas too! Where before, it was not common – I mean if you can read signs “its always on” but a white girl might glance at you in a certain way to communicate that “she’s down”. In the wake of the HEAT victory dude its mad obvious in a way that is against racial etiquette under the current racial matrix. So much is revealed with group hysteria – its like someone who is drunk speaking uninhibitedly – “A MOVIE” but I digress. SALUTE !


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 24, 2013.

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