MY theory of Darkness ( drinking coke ) …

Where to start – I use to drink coke and it was during a time where I had a overnight stock gig at Winn-Dixie. It was to stay woke – I would easily drink 3 and 4 cans of the stuff in a night – jezzuuuussssssssss ( thinking back ) … My logic was – it was the most potent of all drinks – and my theory is we seek out the most potent solution for any given situation. In the realm of drink since we are so desensitized – in my case it was a case of immature bodily disrespect as I would rarely get sufficient sleep during the evening to make it through the night – blatant disrespect of my body and it reacted with forced sleep. We use potent things to feel an effect rather than live in accord with nature – no brainer. But “the subtle” is where it’s at – the subtle energy – the fact that by default we are happy- YES happy!
Look at any new born baby never in a bad mood that WAS(? ) us. When there is no aches or pains in the body why ARENT we overjoyed – what’s in the way. We no longer experience life itself as a EPIC experience – the very fact that blood is flowing through the veins and arteries is not enough – that’s too plain. We need coke to be stoked or feel “right” (DEEP ) ? Half is because the world is F*ed with broken people who need to propagate. They have been granted the title of FAILURE or WINNERS in life and like perfect robots we perform in a manner congruent with the title we were given – because most important of all is being obedient and compliant right – it’s all so sensible – don’t want to be thought of as the crazy person right? Man F what people think or feel – slowly but surely key in to the subtle energy – operate in your own world – it is wrong to meld with the general public it goes against nature itself if we are LIONS not sheep. SALUTE!
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 24, 2013.

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