The Buddhist FAZE …

The Buddhist FAZE …
It never fails – if you haven’t YET went through your ZEN phase start now. I call it a faze because unless you were born in the EAST ( india china etc ) life made it nearly impossible for you live unless you gained certain knowledge ( meditation OR drugas ) . I know for me I would have wen’t mad long ago from the sheer conflict of success American style ( sanitized crime ) . Forced to compete with savages with my inadequate “OS” ( computer jargon / social theory ) things just didn’t sit well with me so I withdrew from the theater all together ( I don’t see life as  war ) . But that was a reaction to the crazy world of Machiavellian and more popularly these days  Robert Greene design. The cunning and cynicism transposed to the human condition that was drawn  really F*ed me up to the point I was dysfunctional. But I dug deep – actually I was at the point of “not doing” and on some zen sh*t unlimited answers  came to me .  So basically   I didn’t want to be mediocre and I also didn’t want to become cut throat to make it in the world. Yes I’m one of those on my righteous sh*t but notice I didn’t say POOR righteous sh*t because I ain’t with being broke – nowhere near it F that. Its not so much that I’m righteous – I’m just not a psychopath so it F*s with me when I wrong people – its like I’m doing myself wrong – but don’t think you can get over because I’m “easy going” – that’s when you loss ( LION ) . So you learn the ZEN way and fuse it with the go-getter attitude and presto here we are. But man, the go getter attitude is F*ing NATURAL so WTF – we don’t “naturally” want to be under anyone of subservient to F*ed up MF’s with warped minds in power – its natural for even a animal to want to flee captivity of any sort right ?  I could say more but F it . SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 24, 2013.

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