Boundry setting for softie’s( ? ) – on the contrary …

2 boundary infractions this week and I feel I dealt judiciously with both. The first was a no brainer – I’m helping my cousins good friend out with his mobile “car detailing business”  really out of regard for my cousin / brother . Its quick money so I have been helping wash cars the last few months before work / the plantation. Tuesday was the end of it –  I just couldn’t stand being nagged about minor things as a way of belittling me – I’m not stupid, game recognized. He would take any minor mishap as license to make a judgment about my character. So you mean you’re going to talk sh*t about me with the cover of washing cars man ? ( What’s really the matter is his Ex lady kicked him out and got married to some other dude the very next week.)

I walked home never mind how many miles – I had had enough – on cue buddy started talking smack while I walked away to provoke me I just said see what I mean and that was that. Man if I could impart anything in all my writings its not to take sh*t from anyone man. You’ll maybe second guess it because any reasonable person is going to deliberate over his or her actions but trust your initial gut reflex. You know when your being sized don’t accept that sh*t man / woman . Later in the day buddy calls saying he apologizes – no worries. Your leap of arrogance to the game which placed money before dignity was a misstep. I told my cousin about the incident and he mentions that it wasn’t the first time – and that recently a customer complained about the way he was talking down to someone else he had as help.
F it I will tell exactly what happened that was the last straw for me… Remember boundary infractions are incremental like the proverbial frog lulled into a pit of boiling water.
. I had washred a car and asked what was next – he said to spray the tires.  I spray the tires with the only spray I saw and for context  – I placed all cleaning materials in the same area  . When he notices what spray I’m using he says NOOOOOOOOO not that spray you know we don’t use that spray I say what spray did you mean. He then points on top of the trash container ( WTF?  I was supposed to see that ) at another spray bottle, I use it instead no problem. But then he going on about it – how could you use that you know we use that at the end – which is bullsh*t there is no system – sometimes he will cut corners and use different methods – both spray bottles were tire cleaners for christsake ! Like I said it wasn’t enough that it was resolved he went on about it saying don’t get mad because I had made a mistake . I said it was simple not a big deal – then he said I see right now we are getting off on the wrong foot or some such bullsh*t – that’s when I said F this sh*t and bounced. Petty …
On today I see a kat from my neighborhood who also works on the same plantation as I ( A LIFER ) –  I hadn’t seen dude sense a few months back – this was before “THEY” tried to get me fired on some dirty slimy sh*t check the archives “failed murk attempt”. So dude says “you still here “ I  think to myself here we go with the dumb sh*t. Also note that I see dude all the time on the streets outside of work and he never asked about what happened at that time. YET on plantation turf he decides to talk sh*t. He’s basically saying indirectly you thought you were smart and look at how you got in a jam, you know how it is on  the plantation black people can be really docile people in general ( $ ) . Anyway, I say what do you mean I’m still here ( don’t you see me here MF I think to myself ) . But I don’t feed into that sh*t I make him say the  stupid sh*t he was  pussyfooting around saying. I then say – you don’t know what happened and your making remarks – I said I have never once insulted you man ( being cordial AF ) despite the manner in which I was confronted. I then said what you should have said was what happened ( but that would imply that he gave a sh*t  ) . But it all makes sense to me man. Here’s one of the people who would allude to the fact that I lift weights whenever strenuous work was up ahead – implying that no matter how heavy something is I should have no complaints . So it was a perfect opportunity to talk down to me when I got in a jam at work. Man people are F*ED up man, they harbor envy and leap at any thread of entanglement to bring you down to they’re terminal couch potatoe tethered to dialysis machine asses.  Anyway buddy starts to back track and says good to see you bruh. I say have a good day – notice I don’t pay in kind with my actions. I have to set boundaries man people want to trivialize your cultivation. Its because we have been reduced to utilities really ( ROBOTS ) . None actually feels alive thus are adverse to the living, no worries. SALUTE !
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 13, 2013.

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  1. Yo this ish had me rolling.Keep em’ coming

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