Getting that feelin’ back !!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!

FUCK !!!!! Finally getting my energy / immunity to bullSHIT / Mojo – back up ^^^!!!!!!
You might as well cut off my legs if I can’t run – for real. It might as well be a death sentence if I can’t BEAST. Or in my more recent mantra , FLOW.  
I know that a focused brain  is equivalent to the energy expenditure of a marathoner I KNOW ( the brain too is a muscle, which hogs up the majority of the bodys total energy output ) “check”. But the run, in terms of a release THE RUN – I suppose that’s what drugs are for, stimulants – but for me I prefer movement, plus the  residual benefits – health anyone ? RETHINKING the vegetarian stance too, but I am not likely to eat meat still jst being pragmatic. You need more energy to produce a cow than a kale – Kale wins just on logic. But I know people eat for emotional-devotional reasons – point . But STILL Hitler was a vegetarian WTF ! Out the window with the docile less aggressive vegetarian model ay?  Flow . SALUTE !
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 25, 2013.

3 Responses to “Getting that feelin’ back !!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!”

  1. “You need more energy to produce a cow than a kale”

  2. I prefer a kale than a cow too!!

  3. I got that from the forks over knives documentary. Visually it showed the land use of farming animals and or growing food. KALE no doubt !

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