Phychology = Social Fluoxetine ? ( HUH , WAT ) …

The ultimate aim of psychology it seems to me is to adjust the so called maladjusted to the norm. That is to make them functional and socially productive. I think people “go crazy” BECAUSE  of society mostly, and not the other way around. Aside from chemical imbalance and or literal brain damage, the term crazy world is true. Being well adjusted to dysfunction only means assimilation – the baseline for behavior  in a prison or corporation both equally as demoralizing to anyone trying to be sane by the way. Are quite different than the Judeo-Christian morality we were cultured into. Thou shall not lie / kill / practice forgiveness / Turn the other cheek etc. These tenants simply don’t apply in jail or at work beyond tactical maneuvering and anyone naïve about this will be driven mad. There you have it folk’s people trying to adjust you to a insane world like the baggers at publix functional, yet not really.  SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 3, 2013.

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