The all for not familiar refrain…

At the end of several weeks it happens again – a change of worldview. This happens with the frequency of  android/  iphone device updates it seems , but of course more epic. The assimilation of new road maps to my life causes stasis. But real talk,  I could have it no other way – these changes appear cyclical – I challenge my basis often
. Even old  concepts that may have fallen out of favor return to the fore of my mental and more rooted this time.  Is this why I don’t achieve more… It would seem that I put everything into doing something then suddenly am struck by the purposelessness of it all.  Now I’m on a mechanistic run, or extended computer-mode, whereby I relay almost entirely on strategy with my actions nothing left to chance. Like computer language I tally the outcome a 1 or 0 .  I like it a lot, quite a departure from the metaphysical but not totally. Lets see where this goes ! SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 5, 2013.

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