The F … “ON WORDS” ….

Words cheapened to so an extent that even a lawyer would blink like wtf. Your meaning, my meaning – then reality, and who’s closest. What’s amiss about asking what do you mean when you use a word. I know that given the context the implied meaning of a word is “self-evident” . But wait, a lot gets smuggled into a presupposition bypassing “scrutiny”. This makes me seem like I’m being diff for constantly asking for clarification, I know. And that’s why we would rather accept the meaning of a word used wrongly to make-nice. NO – Its all about narrowing things down and pulverizing ambiguity where it goes. The person who questions is most made the example of – isn’t it . But the alternative is par usual – miscommunication. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 7, 2013.

One Response to “The F … “ON WORDS” ….”

  1. I agree, we should be clear on what we apprehend, if not let’s clarify it!

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