It’s the brain itself rewired!

From where , what basis. what are your foundational beliefs. What are givens, and never examined. Realize that all else revolve around these things. And where one experiences a block he has to look no further than his wiring. A man may feel defeated and his body language broadcasts it so into the heavens. A defeat of the most insignificant type has made one closed off from the world. I could speak of being self assured here but I can’t thats much to accommodating and the road and the work are toilsome not meant for the weak. You may hate those who instilled weakness in you of a controlling nature – a type of kill-switch to buffer your resolve i.e. family. It was before you could protest but now just deal – F that . I say make yourself again with the right way, step by step painful as it is. Its a worthy cause as we are here to transcend these holograms, the end. SALUTE
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 28, 2013.

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