Energy cultivation …

Energy cultivation …
Everything reduces to energy cultivation. There is such a thing as “dying correctly” I think. It can be imagined as simply no resistance no hanging on to anything, but not detachment – I’ve actually experienced it before on some immature ish. I got let go from a job and I didn’t want to go home to tell my folks so I went to sleep on a park bench and had a dream where I was killed somehow ( can’t remember ) and I resisted it – didn’t want to die then. But then suddenly a weight was lifted and I just let go and became “everything” like pure consciousness. I guess getting fired was that traumatic for me at the time where my dream of dying put in perspective the triviality of the matter. That’s what people don’t get about meditation it “perspectivies” all the stupid sh*t we cling to – it’s a full recharger since by default we are healing machines always in repair as life tends towards decay its push pull ( life ) friction which causes the spark of being. Its energy cultivation is it not? SALUTE !
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 4, 2013.

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