Energy Man


I want immediate MAXOUT, don’t “build-up” to sh*t. You need to immediately confront your limitations don’t pussyfoot around them. Let the weight overthrow you,  feel that sh*t , surrender to fate. Today I was play fighting with my niece and I can tell she gave it her best shot, her all was futile, I have seen that expression before when someone is at wits end. Then they are receptive, I told her to turn at a angle so the opponent can’t get a clean shot at her but only a side to which she will be guarding and moving on a pivot at a vector.  Wits end, is a wonderful place friends, only there can growth begin.  Just now I’m doing weighted dips at 90 pounds and I noticed some awakening sh*t. I felt a flicker in my left eye accompanied by a irritation in my brain in a region which gave a b*tch ass signal to give in. So I observed and did not comply – to my astonishment  I was able to power through 2 more reps with absolute will overthrowing the brains tendency to emotional response. That is why I say MAXOUT because your max is not your max only the brains bitch-ass-ness towards mediocrity. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 26, 2013.

One Response to “Energy Man”

  1. Yes sir, dwell in the uncomfortable zone, intensity and duration and you will experience a quantum leap. Super human. Super Hero.

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