Knowledge from Adventure video games WTF? ;)


My fellow and fellona gamers salute – do you remember in Zelda or Super Mario Bros  when you got to the final level how easy it was to get F8ed  up. The fireballs pitfalls gools & goblins were everywhere and it was very easy to die ? That meant you were closing in on  the last dragon – saving the world winning the princess FINALLY  ( any question on who makes the  video game storyline = SIMPS !  )   – yeah ! Coupled with the “onscreen” obstacles there were others in real life to overcome – like  a random console unplug by DEMONS  I mean a clumsy friend or … SATAN / I. E.  my sister passing in the room (melodrama
overkill / I know)  This was before you could save a game where you left off and play it later. Maybe it’s just me but a power outage in the house just as you got close to beating a game you spent the entire weekend on was not random my friends, that was a conspiracy against my very existence ( happened more than once so there ! )  ! Life is the same, the closer we are to winning the more sh*t appears to F8ed you up. But now looking back at my resolve while playing Nintendo, there was no way I was going to NOT  beat the game, ANY game  – it wasn’t a question. The only way I wasn’t going to win was if there was no end in the game. And today you have games that actually do not end you just hoard resources and brag to your boys about your weapons cache WTF ?  I don’t F with them – digression. Yep another – “there is no resistance when you aren’t in motion” posts. But actually that which is not moving will be moved by things that are so actually resistance to resistance is futile – ( a play on familiar borg assimilation meme ) and on that note ,personal development guru ST signing off ! SALUTE


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 29, 2013.

One Response to “Knowledge from Adventure video games WTF? ;)”

  1. laughing out loud. Well, laughed out loud truly.

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