“Crisis-Mode” ( Really Breathing )…


I fancy quite crises, drama makes one more alive. It’s clears the nostrils. Forces one to REALLY breathe in the air, a catapult.    I am very sorry for the non-climber who hasn’t ever scaled to the heights and looked from the vantage point of a mountain peak. The body as a metaphor for life – overtraining then growth – mental fatigue as illusory. I told a kid yesterday – you want to gain mass train legs. Most people who start out lifting weights HATE training lower body.  Why , they think it’s not as “lucrative” and true enough it takes a lot more to shock your base into expansion. I’m sure you just deduced just why so moving on. Back to crisis – living near danger, rejection… How can one ever even discern the win without failure at first , “fail fast” .  You will find at times, very subtle encroachments by others but rarely outright open attacks. It is not to activate “crisis-mode” in you. Instinctively we know – you are dealing with a super charged being responding with all life force energy – better to indirectly attack. Let us then create mopre crisis or perceived crisis more often than not things are not as dramatic as we think. And those things we thought were impending doom helped us finally break through our thinly veiled cocoons, right? SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 4, 2013.

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