Crybabies about genetic advantages in weight training _ WTF!?


It never fails – with weight lifting – the ones talking the most smack about the next man being or roids or just plain hating are always the strawny MF with all the scientific knowledge but no results – it never F*ing fails. Today I’m chopping it up with a kid at the college about nutrition. I was mentioning that we were making the vendors offer “healthier snacks” in the machines. I can’t recall exactly how it went but jokingly I mentioned Hyphy Mud the weightlifting energy drink invented by

Kali Muscle out of LA . It consist of instant coffee mixed with  pepsi or coke in about a half a cup blend. Its definitely not “all natural” or “healthy” but since most supplements at GNC are synthetics anyway and insanely priced the HM does what its suppose to do for very cheap, namely get you hype AF for a workout I would advice a hand full of chia seeds and a cup of alkaline water myself but yo – HM works for them no hate here.

Back to the main story – so by now this other kid who overheard the conversation took that moment to talk sh*t about Kali being on roids and even said he was in some type of gay porn allegedly. Here we have a typical youtube troll in real life and like I said before all the knowledge but no results. I said you know what I think – your allegations are ideologically based – its not even about right or wrong. Because the fact is you have no facts but you “believe” dude is on roids so you’re just going on that. He says in reply that Kali had the typical characteristics of a steroid user – more belief – like measuring the skulls of humans to determine which is superior. I asked what could Kali do to prove to you that he doesn’t use steroids – take the test. I then said so you admit you have no evidence in the form of a test to base your belief on he shut up and pretended to not be mad – I guess he was under the impression that I was “slow” because I train, he soon left – later bro …

Another argument the kid had was “genetics”, Kali is just genetically luck and I think its the stupidest sh*t ever. Like if your tall and play basketball and someone short complained about it that would be dumb right. Its as stupid as a humming bird complaining that its not a chrysanthemum. You are who you are so deal in other words; I just find it characteristic of a spoiled rotten mentality. So you think someone has an edge over you then kill yourself you feel me though fam? Now somehow this is suppose to diminish the perceived advantaged in some way – why, for having been born ? More spoiled rotten rhetoric, environment plays more of a pivotal role on who we are than genetic factors study the work of Prof. Bruce Lipton for more on this, its cutting edge bro. SALUTE !
– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 4, 2013.

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