ACTION ( why the “ talented” get OWNED and stay loosening to persistent fools ) …


WE think therefore we ARENT  “in action” …
Perpetual planners sounds awesome right ? Or no … I don’t like my cousin, he think he’s a “G” ( gangsta )  . He talks sh*t but he has build absolutely nothing – EVER . All he has is a few outfits and some shoes and a FAT chic with kids who lets him borrow HER car  every now and again so now he’s a pimp – I get it . I hate the fact that “people” think because of what they say – WORDS, that  they are somehow entitled to some recognition. All talk no walk – but somehow they exist – go figure. That’s why when called a “philosopher” in the past I like to add that I not only think but I act on my thoughts. The only way to test a theory is in real-time not in the lab but out in these streets.  You see it all the time the less talented are winning because they take action while the smarter more adept gets “no shine” and whines about it like a Bish . The talented like to  complain  about the state of things but they expect what to happen ? You expect the world to just cater to you but soon you see the world is indifferent to inaction. The problem is talented people sometimes becomes so ( talented ) because of a lack of confidence. They gain confidence thought becoming great in some way and to avoid shattering the ego they avoid taking action that might lead to harsh criticism by others i.e. they’re pure “pussification”. Action is a crucible –  it will mold you into the ideal more than any theory. Action is painful – trial and error can be brutal indeed , but consider the alternative – FAILUER to clowns, so where’s smarts get us ? SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 6, 2013.

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