BE LIKE FIRE … ( Salute Bruce Lee )


Fire is light
Fire ignites
Fire is a purifier
Fire is energy
Fire is heat
Fire burns
Fire boils
At times while running I  picture myself as if ablaze on fire but not burning up – just the sense of power fire can conjure .  It’s scary because you at once redeem the unconquerable spirit. You imagine others being frightened by it and perhaps out of pity you relent. It effects people, I’m running like 5 AM today and I see a group of 3 dudes by my neighborhood then one of them starts to head me off up ahead. I have on earphones so I can’t hear but it was dark so I’m thinking what’s up (while bumpin’ Illuminati by Prodigy )  . He started running at my pace and I soon realize it was a kat that was training with us a few months back . I say salute as I break  a left turn at the end of the street. Fire is a contagion – the lighted should not be too accommodating thought – burn sh*t down . SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 6, 2013.

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