REMEMEBER your “awesome” …


So the meat grinder called “society” greedily reduces its members into docile bite size morsels of  STATS  to then have the  life extracted from us … All for its end goal to maintain itself.  We, I have found – soon act in a prescribed fashion much to my amazement and to a degree concern. The trick here is to plow pass the unwritten laws of “being placed” to be totally oblivious to game and do not show tacit consent to the  game altogether. Remember your awesomeness at all times – do not be reduced to a marketed to demographic i.e. a customer !  It’s all a psych-out because as said, most of the social controls are “implied” not actually regulated with force .  I’m training some kids the other day on the pull-up bars at the college having them do weighted pull-ups and just for kicks as some girls are approaching I say I’m going to give them an excuse to look over here – because a new study suggest female attention boosts testosterone levels ( no brainer )  when working out. So I scream  and the girls all look our way because now it was  “socially acceptable” but they kept looking past the point were they know nothing is wrong – my devious little plan worked it seemed. The kids were kind of wierded out because I don’t know – maybe they had never manipulated a situation to suit them before. There was no harm in it and was fun but I did sense the kids got scared like something bad would happen to us for it. The trick is to be a bridge where relating to others is mitigated by societal codes of stupid sh*t put frankly. Girls and boys want to F each other and spread love – but love is counterproductive to war and competition right ? So the great divide between is stoked and exploited – such B.S. . Just remember your awesomeness and you’ll be cool.  SALUTE
– ST      


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 6, 2013.

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