The Advantage of SYNTHETIC DRUGS … ( and why non users are at a huge disadvantage in the corporate setting i.e. “The Matrix” ) …


Yo why  is that EVIL b*tch in the office ever so cold and calculating with a painted on smile = CELEXA or maybe is it  PAXIL , some
sh*t  … The veil was lifted for me some decades ago. I worked at T.G.I Fridays and got “initiated” so to speak – which meant I was viewed as “cool enough” to go to work party’s. I got literally drunk under the table at a few coworker party’s which meant I was even  cooler now but when I saw people doing lines of cocaine ( not pepsi ) it was a epiphany for me. NO F*ing wonder!!! The top waiters seemed  to all be cocaine  heads and who knows what else  – no hate, I’m not judging – it’s a intense  job and it explained a lot in terms of why they were always a on fire getting shit done and of course making the most $krilla ( money )  – no fair right ? Fast forward to today – I realizeb7 why people are so F*ing averse  to the natural way . They are generally in a relationship with some more than not – synthetic stimulants. Not to veer to far off course but its EPIC to really fully grasp the point. So you’re all natural and get bossed around by coke heads and people in a blissful state of ignorance and malevolence thanks to brain relaxers – how to deal ? I work out – I know they are stupid and feel “some type of way” about physicality especially being a “black dude ” ( violent by nature ? ) . I meditate but here’s the thing don’t fake moves with meditation like I do ( slacker = me )  – you need the sense of objectivity that results from meditating . Especially to be cool around people who  like inject cocaine DIRECTLY into they’re “third eye” and then want to indirectly F with you. What you eat – I find that THEY eat very heavy  and I got one anecdote here to back it up. I have a uncle who uses cocaine  and he  visits maybe twice a year and when he can’t get cocaine he’ll eat/ I mean literally eat a whole plate of food then sh*t then eat back to back. I called him out on it – like why the F you keep eating man, and he said it’s because he had no dope – sounds wild but he keep it one-hundred like that cool dude no less. So again I notice the “synth-high” people eat heavy and acidic AF foods probably for the same reason can’t get a hit at the moment. These are the ones in positions of authority who seem to be “proficient” thanks to doping but  don’t whine about it. You call yourself a “Reightous-Gangsta” right, but your losing to these clonws again ? I interspersed some game changers like meditation and super foods and of course strenuous exercise but most of all knowledge of self . Don’t lose yourself in the “survival game” – right , let them F up theyre liver and hollow out theyre brains  for some stupid consumerism paradigm – people really hate themselves and want to die I think – but misery does loves company hence . Make it a lesson and hopefully fix your setting where you are not made to deal with zombies for a living but embrace the drama for now . Use that sh*t as raw power . Coconut oil is raw brain food memory enhancing and chai seeds for endurance omega 3’s , alkaline water will clines your system good – the list can go on I’m going to really start hitting the totally plant based herbal supplements hard in the weeks up ahead and yes I will be reporting back my finds but no we are not robots and no we don’t let the scary ass masses win killing themselves for a dollar-asses NEVER . SALUTE
– ST

I will continue to write on this because it’s EPIC but for now peace.

P.S. Personally I could give a F what THEY do to themselves MURK yourself F I care. But everyone knows when addicts can’t get a fix how fucking nasty they get towards others especially to so called non users who make them look pitiful which they are , that’s what I’m against – end final rant … 1


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 6, 2013.

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