THE “Experience'” Pallette ( #lifeisingradients ) …


Let’s just say experiences are like a palette. Behavior is playback of experiences or shall we say colors. That’s why we having the least to call upon paint the world with limited means. See experiences as like hues – the more the range of our consciousness all the more brilliant the world becomes to us. Its is estimated that 4 billion nerve impulses are coming into our brains every second ( google ) of which the brain can only handle about 2000 bits of that data in consciousness what does it say. Right now the shirt on your back is there – but only when we bring conscious awareness to it can you feel it’s there. Things that the brain knows nows it does not bring into our conscious attention every second ( brain : your wearing a shirt – did you know you’re wearing a shirt – a shirt is being worn by you ) . What we think we know and its bearing on the reality we are painting every second wow – the saying comes to mind – set in ones ways. This illustrates the point nicely – the greater the experience the more authentic or closer to reality we become – the oneness if you wish. Objectivity –– truth. I’m up in the air nearly 200 feet on a lift looking over at the world yesterday and am thrilled. I’m moving this device while at the same time enjoying the moment. Another hue, another gradient of green to paint with in the garden called life. Another splendor to milk for its nectar and bring to the market called energy “share”. Woe to the one with only a few colors with which to describe the scene. Looking for colors through experience is how we crack the code tho ( collect – contrast – blend ) ! SALUTE


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 12, 2013.

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