Experiences!!! ( my heart could xplode! )


Epic day at the “bish” ( beach )  folks – I went in – dove deep all that sh*t.! There was a crossfit event and I posted on my facebook timesline “the whiteness of crossfit” a play on a recent article a friend posted on facebook about a week back. It was so stark a contrast because at the regular pull up bars you see all colors – vibeing, building, but I was loathe to see any darker hues at the crossfit event and I’m not mad ( I give a F* )  just saying. Crossfit is essential a ripoff of penitentiary style  workout imo – moving right along – I would have murked all of them fools I feel, that sh*t is all show but I digress…. I came prepared, running chute, alkaline water, Cliff Bars, and skullcandy to sonically rule – CHECK. I started out by doing the stingray shuffle taught to us like in 3rd grade on fieldtrips to the beach. What you do is slide  your feet forward right to left or left to right through the water soon after you enter the water – this was suppose to ward off stingrays hidden – and ready to deliver a debilitating sting if stepped on. Next I ran barefoot along the shore a good mile at a heavy pace. I was like on a mission to save the planet at least that’s how I see it. I then brought out the chute  and sprinted hardcore in the sand then quick released  and killed it about 100 yards more about it – rinse repeat ¾ times . WTF celebrate life I did that sh*t!  I then did front kicks against the waves in the water – some real sh*t. Your kicking against the tidal force trying to will you backwards. I took a break – vibed – rinse repeat front kicks against the tidal flow. Fly honey Bees everywhere vibing – choosing the gods like always – no revelation. I like don’t want to talk about this but I am going to. I see these macho fools trying to aggress my way to prove to themselves  they ain’t scared. I mocked them because I’m never going to fall back just from being . I don’t get it – at the event there was a white dude that had to be 6/8 250 pounds and I didn’t care – I give a F* about others ( in the most righteous sense ) . I did notice that his girl was trying to read my expression though – no pressure. All I know is if they want to go to war – your going against god – and that’s a bad look. I chopped it up with random strangers – saluted where possible its all love great experience for the palette .SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 13, 2013.

One Response to “Experiences!!! ( my heart could xplode! )”

  1. Sounds good that you are hitting the ocean, good to hear bcool..

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