Google Sh*t ( as I peer at self-satisfaction)


Google “debunk rawfood diet” or better yet “the  law of attraction and skeptic”  or even still Google” the non localized brain theory and quackery” – soon you’ll see. Were merely secured intellectually in our respective amen corners most often and are lazy to  venture out among our foes  ( not my words ) . But the seeker seeks the middle path and makes fun of the complacency and self satisfaction inherent in “knowing”. Two sides to every coin as it goes, and when to exactly flip the coin is the  dance we call  life my friends. Ill give an example from my own experience with physical exercise – which for me is a matter of life and death ( of ego ) . This time last year I was running 6 days a week religiously. The premise was the more the better – flip side was poor recovery always aches and pains and injury false starts. Today  I run every other day and am much more BEAST. I had crossed paths with a book by a marathoner that trained similarly who ran an insane amount of marathons per week and honestly I am too lazy to google it for facts just now. Previous to that I went with the advice of one  heath guru gary null who touted 6 days of running as optimal – not considering any factors such as pace of distance, duh myself. If that resounded with you as hoped – the underlying principle I am going to forward is vigilance over stagnation or to quote Bruce Lee = be like water. Intent is superior to results in that the spirit of an action is more important than the doing. Ok another example , I give you food –  but I hate you also and you know it viscerally  – will you enjoy the food perhaps depending on how hungry you are-  but given my intension you may not, you may even refuse it while totally starving out of self respect.  Similarly I don’t propose to have the answers but am moving towards truth which is the ultimate goal – upon reckoning I am quick to update as new knowledge is born – the spirit of truth. Google keeps one pure to the game no affiliation just admiration and awe of the infinity that is the search, I digress. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 31, 2013.

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