Throw the ring into the F*ing FIRE ( a look at power )…


Power over others FALSE – over one’s self = REAL… I delight, I so delight in your misery “power freaks” and that being all tame.  Was it near worth the F*ed up nervous twitch or the rotten intestines from a high acid diet atop insomnia biach! How’s that for a intro tho : – ) ? …
It’s not to say leadership can’t be wielded rightly, it happens in nature – but ipad’s don’t exist in the wild son. Conversely – to take our behavioral cues right from herd animals = FAIL ( or no ? ) . Luckily they can’t hang us anymore or LITERALLY torture us for speaking out of turn ( as “they” decide ) . That is not to say other forms of punishment won’t be tried-  like being passed over for promotion at work or outright psychological warfare in the same context ( the plantation ) . Which brings me to this, it’s all TAME. Today’s power abuses are no more than ego bashing 5 year old games. And the trip thing is, we acquiesce to it like ho’s ( put mildly ) , which emboldens them.
The Ring = power and it should not be centralized because people are stupid AF = short version. Since we are here what can be done. I don’t know, don’t take sh*t, know your rights – standard sh*t like stand for something greater. I’ve written in short my adoration for the U.S. constitution however imperfect it was/is an attempt – some say noble =  immaterial. We live in a country based on law so BOOM – the power lies in knowledge and you know where this line or reasoning goes so I’ll spare you that old song. How tortured it must feel to attempt to harm with rank and be rebuffed by a lesser foe. But only lesser in a twisted context not based on divine law dare I say it. So missed sleep and uppers become your cocktail to destroy someone you see as beneath you how ironic – don’t you think. SALUTE!
– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 9, 2013.

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