Why “computer mode”…



borrowed the phrase  “computer mode” from a book – The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense. It refers to a state of action wherein your basically cold to the game. Acting much as a computer would – only returning data based on a specific command = input output, no expression, no emotion, straight no chaser. Much of my writing as of late I have noticed accents of conspiracy, I’m fine with that. I’m  so cool with it in fact that I will elucidate on the manifold conspiracies waged against life itself hopefully I forward  in a triumphant non boring defeatist way   ( thank me later ) . What happens when you don’t eat – the body withers? And too when we don’t attack life head on we wither, are cornered = owned. So I will take that L of perhaps overly watchfulness with aims of the greater good = supremacy ( I like borrowing loaded terms ) .  Computer mode should be adopted when there is a clear intent to pull at your heart strings rather than be pure. What is meant by pure – non manipulative basically. My very DNA loop

recoils  with the faintest scent of the manipulative with intent towards me – the computer hacker  attempts a proxy attack and compiles random relevant key words to gain entry – sometimes hundreds of random passwords attempts – rightfully titled a brute-force attack – a form of violence indeed. Rather than view a computer as heartless view it now as none biased true to its code. Computer mode my friends! SALUTE
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 13, 2013.

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