Looks like vomit but what is ( WAS ) it though ?!



In short warrior nourishment –minimal…
Brown Rice
Green peas
Chai seeds
Coconut oil
( And last but not least )
mineral salt from the Himalayan mountains MF’s !

ME, I have very little margin for error – you know like a ferrari soaring at 120 mph , one fart and haters get to smirk at your peril – twisted metal , flames , a lot of noise  . I can’t F up my life in any way, I know way too much –  it happens man. I really feel stupid when I do stupid sh*t like for instance kill myself with a fork or rather what goes on the fork then into the toilet water – “WATER”  I should add only to be “purified” and returned to us once again to drink – reincarnated ( thought provoking I know, I know ) . Margin of error = small, my diet reflects this, the imperative to say F you to the convince o fake obliviousness to what’s real . SALUTE
– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 17, 2013.

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