Economical Steps …

Funny pic of Ma’at tho..


3conomy – making the most of what one has
Tupac – My every move is a calculated step ( Machiavelli ) …

Quantify then quantify again measure then tailor everything accordingly. Think it fool, but try it . with every step monitor yourself. Your foot placement your posture your balance –  joint pain the misalignment of your feet on impact with the pavement – then fix it or better, work on it. Make it your life’s work even, report back but here’s the news. You’ll enrich your life and the lives of others simply by doing . What is in the way someone walks ? A lot – you already know this. Vitality – purpose – rank – psychology all of these and more, but do we “intend to “  or merely accept a “walk of life” ( hmm, walk of life ? ) . For example I have joint pain in my left ankle don’t know how but by paying attention to my movement its being corrected automatically. The ancient Egyptians say on the day of reckoning a feather will be placed besides ones heart on a scale and weighed. And the heart should be lighter than the feather; I get the metaphor in it. And is it not our feet that carry us through – and then our lightness of motion as we carry  should not be underpaid attention right – so fix it . SALUTE

– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 12, 2013.

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