Good little Worker Bees & Mercenary Whores … ( F*** off ! )


Yes I see you and so I flee you – so F*** off  you fleas – thanks . This to the sorry  worker bees and the cousin mercenary  ho’s … Fact is if you would tow your line it would be peachy fine. But you encroach – you overreach, about misery is true you unnatural creature of the state. I could not would not EVER be you, tethered to the security of the mundane default existence to be “sane” – pathetic. Yet in your core you wish  you had the nuts to stand up as a woman or a man  to the conspiracy. But instead you act as a proxy – a hit-man like a b*tch! On work , I work least as possible the shortest shift the least responsibility – work is unnatural for a man ( or woman ) ! How it is structured is slavery who would in his right mind be subjected for a second more than the least. Anyone without dulled senses must hold the  nose and plug the ears to avoid the stink and noise of the  weak. Who would volley with worker bees energetically –  what’s to gain – well there is comedy but of the cheapest brand. Till the death I will “WILL” greatness and don’t you see the droves of drones as miserable lots and too are spineless. I will do what the F I want not through guilt or castration by venomous old hags in the office or out in the market place. On family I will not be demanded sh*t of me – my bloodline goes back to the beginning of time immemorial –  so make no stake or claim of my  allegiance – thanks . On woman I am fair – I have no such literary illusions of romance, I give – I did not say provide. I overrun with life so this I offer as a default nothing more to say. But back to these worker bee drones and ho’s , F OFF. SALUTE !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 12, 2013.

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