In the arsenal of social techniques that murder tension and
all at once…

Look – I don’t have a surplus of minutes to gauge someone’s coolness day to day and if you’re on that grind nor do you. And besides, what does it matter anyway as i’m cool, and I know it. I’m so cool in fact that I am singularly responsible for the glacial epidemic  ( dont ask ) … No further ado here it goes, you know that instances when you’re about to judge to salute a random person  but its certain that it will be weird  to simply pretend not to notice them. I say peace to them immediately and continue on my way as if plowing pass the stalemate of whose going to initiate or who gets to feign superiority by ignoring the other person. Stupid human games – childish at best so just bomb first, thus taking the high road having nothing at stake but establishing a level of mastery not common. Not to prove anything but to maintain a high level of  mastery over ego games we play. The above scenario may not be clear to you but those who get it say amen. My un-tethered greeting to anyone leaves theyre preconditioned response reflex in the dust as if to say – wake the F up this is in real time yo. I started to do this with actions then it trickled over into the psychological realm if you will.  I started to take action first for example in a group setting where the next person to move was indecisive I am the one that fills in the blank of inaction. In the supermarket when traffic jam of carts say, I am the one that extracts first and leaves the spectators in awe of what had happened. I never noticed I guess, just  how indecisive people can be usually. It’s as if we weight and consider the most frivolous of things when there’s nothing but a choice of who moves first. The reluctance to act is born of undo concern for outcomes. When I peace up a stranger I have no expectation but you will find on the road to self mastery people will start practicing a certain code of conduct conducive to that level. Just as the chronically angry  will incur a avalanche of negative events over again so to those who work on themselves know how to act in keeping with a level of maturity about the game which leads them to victory tho.
– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 16, 2013.

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