To delve in hells ( just walk away trust me ) …


I did it – no regrets though , now I’m here with gifts as par usual . I stooped to the level of miserable lots . I engaged – I partook –  I responded I ; dare I say it = REACTED.  And  I was utterly sickened by the tax. It was a very empty and desperate level. Why I refer to it as a level you ask. Well I started to see people during the day  acting  on that same level the past day or so . Which I must conclude is ordinary for them – SCARY prospect .  It’s like when you become conscious of something you see it everywhere it’s like holograms for real. And they were inviting me into the void, creating situations to lead one to become cold and closed off to the world like them.  I am a  turtle in the game going into my shell and letting the blanket of blank nihilism miss me. F them, I can’t smoke that good – I only can imagine the suffering they pay themselves. So while I am a bit thrown having had stooped to the level of haters . And hell yes you pay double  when you go against wisdom. I am here to say lesson learned and bring it on – here and ready to relearn and return to the highest levels. SALUTE !
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 8, 2014.

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